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Has hiring recovered to pre-pandemic levels?

An overwhelmingly positive sign for employers and candidates alike, with a clear intention to increase hiring levels in 2022 demonstrating business confidence and creating opportunity for jobseekers.

Hiring in 2022


How do you expect hiring levels to change compared to 2021?

Guideline pie chart
  • 75% will increase
  • 19% will not change
  • 6% will decrease

Has hiring recovered to pre-pandemic levels?

With such fierce competition for talent, salaries are reaching new heights as organizations create remuneration packages which can attract and secure the best talent on the market.

Salaries in 2022

2021 vs 2022

Guideline 2022-01

of firms to increase salaries in 2022

How are jobseekers reacting?

With much talk of "the great resignation", recruitment activity has dramatically increased as employees change jobs to try new roles, work in new sectors or simply to achieve the salary increases they desire. However, the flexible working practices implemented during the pandemic as a necessity have now become the number one most important factor when it comes to what jobseekers are looking for in a new role - more important even than the remuneration package on offer.

Average salary increase

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